Powered by Creators
Powered by Creators
Powered by Creators

Engage. Grow. Monetize.

With your own app you can enjoy
new revenue streams, easy access to
your community, and a place to share
your exclusive content, all in one place!

Co-Create and Collaborate with your audience.

Get closer to your fans through exciting features.
and share, collaborate and co-create
with your community like never before!

Powered by Creators.

It`s your story and your community!
With your own app you have a dedicated space
with full autonomy over your content, audience and metrics!

Why crave it?

  • Collabs

    Co-create videos and images with your
    fans so they can share their unique
    experience for everyone to see!

  • Exclusive Content

    Release exclusive content on your
    app for your loyal fanbase to enjoy.

  • Social Totality

    Treat them with your entire
    brand experience, by streaming
    all your social feeds into your app.

  • Live Streaming

    Show them a glimpse into your real life
    through Q&A sessions and live streaming.

  • Monetize

    Earn more money through ads,
    in-app purchases, merch & more
    with better rev shares in your own app!

  • Distribute

    Be efficient by sharing your content to all
    your social platforms with just one click!


  • Engage

    Amp up your engagement with your own personal app and co-create directly with your fandom, live broadcast, host Q&As, stream social content so it can be enjoyed all in one place and loads more!  more...
  • Monetize

    Enjoy higher revenue splits when selling virtual goods, merch, subs, ads and more from your personal app. Control your own success by knowing your audience intimately through access to full metrics  more...
  • Grow

    Increase your fanbase through unique tools that encourage virality so your brand becomes more visible. Nurture super fans by offering exclusives. You control your content - you own the show!  more...



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Crave is an Influencer App Platform designed to empower Digital Creators, giving them a dedicated space to co-create, collaborate and connect directly with their fans. Your success ultimately relies on the relationships you establish with your followers. You move, touch and inspire them and they love you for it. Your story becomes their story. They CRAVE it, over and over again.

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