Crave VS Github Codespaces

Build Environment
Git version control supportYY
Supports any build environment that can be containerisedYY
Linux containersYY
Windows ContainersNY(**)
Non containerised platforms (OSX, Solaris, Unix)NLimited support
Build AccelerationNY(*)

Build infrastructure
Integration with CI/CDSeparate steps required Github’s integrationSimple cli based integration
Full control of build resources??Y
Autoscaling of build resources??Y
Shared data disks for across all developers workspaces (used for sharing common data)
E.g. training data for AI/ML projects
Workspace automatic garbage collectionN (Have to delete manually)Y

Build / Development support
Build log for each build stored separately and available for downloadNY
Centralised build history for a workspaceNY
Build notifications / email alertsNY

Code Editor
VS Code Browser based remote instanceYY (**)
VS Code DesktopNY
Emacs, Vim, Intellij … Any editor installed on the desktopNY

Status as of May 2020BetaProduction Release
On prem deployment supportNY
Private cloud supportNY

* : Currently supported languages c, c++
**: Tech preview feature